A Farewell To This Generation Of Toyota TRD (feat. 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra)

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Now of course the new generations will be built on the TNGA-F architecture which means it’ll stay body on frame, but this also means a completely new vehicle from the ground up.
Yeah you’re right and with an all new chassis architecture means a completely new chapter with lots of changes Toyota is forced to make whatever they want to or not.

The first to be updated is the tundra and, Paolo, you e been spending the week with the 2021 tundra so why don’t you tell us a little bit about the existing truck, and what we can expect from the new one

Yeah so the tundra we have here is the same generation from 2007. In 2014 we got a facelift but I mean by all means this thing is a decade AND A HALF old.

It’s quintessential pickup tho.
Steel frame
Naturally aspirated v8
Selectable 4wd
5.5ft bed
Massive interior

But you know how I said this is from 2007 Well it shows when you start digging into things. The safety suite is lacking, the tech integration is meh, and the infotainment screen you can hardly see with polarized lenses.

But, that brings us back to the Toyota value proposition. Simple. Durable. Reliable.

The 5.7 v8 engine and 6 speed trans is bulletproof and you can ride these things well past half a million miles with consistent maintenance.

But Matt you e been living with that Tacoma this week so tell us about that

The Tacoma isn’t quite as retro as the tundra on the surface but it’s technically been around since 2005. It’s had 2 pretty major facelifts within that time though.

But yea same old school formula.
Steel frame
Naturally aspirated 3.5 v6
6 speed gearbox
Transfer case
Leaf springs
Drum brakes in the back

Of course it’s quite a bit smaller than the tundra with only a 5 foot bed here and a double cab that’s got a back seat about the size of a civics.

But once you get into the cabin is where you reap the rewards of a pretty major overhaul in 2016. Then the tech was refreshed even again since then

So you have Toyota safety sense with
Lane keep
Blind spot
Radar cruise
Cross traffic

Then you’ve got wireless charging, acp, and 360 cameras.

And THEN you have the TRD Pro and I only have the trd off-road but I have a rear locker, you just have an LSD, I have MTS, crawl control, etc. the only thing I miss is the fox shocks. These bilsteins are so tight.

And then there’s the 4Runner.

Been around since 2009, major refresh in 2014, but other than that it’s the same story

4.0 v6
5 speed trans
Body on frame

sure but the 4Runner, at least the new ones lean more toward the Tacoma with the same newer technology, safety suite, etc. it’s isn’t until you ge to power train that you realize how old it is.

Also your 4Runner is a 2016 Off-road premium but you have more off-road goodies than either of these trucks

Yeah I have everything the taco has but I also have Atrac

I also have KDSS but that’s about it

So this year we have a new tundra which will debut and unveil the next generation of TrD so Paolo tell us a little bit about that

Yeah so the rollout plan kinda looks like
2022 tundra
2023 4Runner
2024 Tacoma
And the. The sequoia somewhere in there and we aren’t getting the new land cruiser

All of which will ride on the new TNGA-F body on frame architecture

I’d expect all the same hardware such as crawl control, MTS, etc in the off-road variants

Trd pros will probably continue to get the exclusive fox shocks which have been fantastic

And that leads us with the biggest focus for people and the biggest update. Power trains.

Honestly a lot of this stuff will be an evolution rather than a revolution, but we’ve heard conflicting news on the future of the v8 in Toyota TRDs

the biggest engine at launch will be the

Lexus LS engine - its a TTV6 making 416 hp and 442 lbft
The new land cruiser makes 409 hp and 480 lbft - so tuned for torque
Also a turbo diesel 3.3 v6 - 340 hp, 625lbft (10 speed trans) (wont get in NA)
That means no V8...maybe, but there’s a possibility - who knows
Of course this TTv6 is just the beginning with hybrid options coming, plug in hybrids, and full EV variants

Also 10 speed gearbox confirmed
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